Travel Japan Guide 2019: Staying Online In Tokyo

Internet access is one of the most important aspects of travelling and getting connected to your social media online base. This gives you the opportunity to upload your pictures and adventure online and even connect to social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp to inform your friends or loved ones of your whereabouts.

Lets see how you can stay online when visiting Tokyo, one of the most fast paced and organized cities in the world!


Many hotels in Japan offer free internet in their rooms. A couple of inns, regularly some higher-end Western chains of inns, charge for internet based on 24 hour spans. Access is typically given as a wireless system or wired internet by means of LAN cable.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Hotspots

Both paid and free wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspots are accessible in a lot of places over Japan and in the city of Tokyo. It is very available that workstations, cell phones and other cell phones can use to interface with the internet, particularly around air terminals, train stations, comfort stores, eateries, coffee shops and bars.

Free WiFi Hotspots

Yes, you do get free WiFi sometimes. Because of ongoing endeavors by organizations and governments, open WiFi arranges for free use by outside travelers have turned out to be increasingly more promptly accessible. Travelers will experience these systems at global air terminals, real railroad stations. You can even find the hotspots near online casino outlets.

Paid Wi-Fi Hotspots

Paid Wi-Fi hotspots are more typical than free ones. Plans are ordinarily accessible on an every day or week by week premise, with one-day passes costing around 500-800 yen. Registration interfaces are frequently given in Japanese just, and a few administrations require a Japanese charge card or address.

Wi-Fi Routers

Portable Wi-Fi routers are small, battery-controlled gadgets that grants access to the mobile phone system to make a neighborhood wireless system. They are easy to set up, give sensibly quick internet, work anyplace there is wireless internet access, enable various gadgets to connect on the double and are generally modest.

Rental Smartphones

A few outlets or companies lease cell phones that transforming them into individual hotspots. This can be an extraordinary tool as the gadgets fill in as both a rental telephone and as a methods for connecting to the internet in a hurry. Both Android and iPhone models are accessible to lease regularly at real Japanese airplane terminals or by means of the internet.

SIM Cards

The individuals who wish to use their very own cell phones or tablets to get to the internet in Japan can get SIM cards that have local internet access. A wide cluster of plans are available to tourists. Plans vary on the data limits and rates also the area which you are touring, for example, internet in Tokyo may be more expensive than in the countryside.

Global Roaming

Global roaming is usually provided by your cellphone service provider. This makes it convenient so you do not need to depend on other means of connecting to the internet. This convenience does however come at a cost, the plans for global roaming are very expensive by nature due to the need of transferring information between carriers.

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