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Competitive matches in videogames. Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, and whatever other games that is competitive. But between all these games, there is silver lining to it. Ranked games are (intentionally broken) in somewhat way they come by. Let me explain.

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I started playing competitive matches back in late 2016 and it was just the start of season 3 for Overwatch. I was a Reinhardt and an Ana main back then, playing both for casual and competitive. I got almost halfway to platinum (grandmaster as the top tier rank) but I was just got through until nearly to plat. Reasons why was because players in the match group tend to leave matches halfway, and in my case this happens way too often. I stopped playing comp games because it stressed me (most of the time) too much. I did “git gud”. But it was the damage dealers, or the carry “DPS” that disappoints us the most.
A fellow Overwatch, who experiences the same amount of disappointments in-game, and the guy, elaborately puts out more reasons as to why it was the comp games broken, all due to Ubisoft not listening to its fans.

Saali, wrote this in the Blizzard Overwatch forums back in late 2016, stating that one of the many reasons why, most of quit over ranked/competitive gaming.
“If enemy leaves after they are getting wrecked, you don’t get full win, instead you get 1/15 rank up (Like, you win first round and someone leaves, it doesn’t count as full win). You shouldn’t get punished for winning the game too hard. Why do you get punished for winning too hard so someone rage-quits or even if they just dc?” or “if you DC or AFK and get kicked from the ranked game, you can’t get win anymore, even if you win you still get a loss. I have “afked” in 2x games at start of the round and getting kicked and instantly rejoining (only missing like 10 second of game, and then playing another 5-10 minutes and won, only to get a loss while my teammates get win). I was grouped in both of my games I got afk kicked, and both of those I won and got a loss and downrank when my teammates got rankup. So if you dc or get afk kicked, you might just as well just not join the game at all because you get loss no matter what. I don’t think this works as intended at all, and blizzard should fix it soon.” That said, the ranked matches are indeed fixed, but do any of you all think otherwise? Season 10 is in and I’m not even comfortable of going back to rage mode… not to mention all the metas the game has.

Reference : https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/17612232451?page=1

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